Plugin for WHMCS

Integrating PayHere with your WHMCS site is super easy with our PayHere Payment Plugin for WHMCS. You just have to download it from following link, upload it to your server & configure it with your PayHere Account details to start accepting online payments via PayHere.

Update: Now you can offer both One-time (Pay) & Recurring (Subscribe) payment options for your Subscription Invoices.

Please refer the detailed steps below.

WHMCS Settings
  1. Download the PayHere Plugin for WHMCS directly from here (v3.2)
  2. Upload the files to WHMCS directory of your server
  3. In your WHMCS admin, navigate to Setup > Payments > Payment Gateways > All Payment Gateways and select 'PayHere' from the list to enable it
  4. If you cannot see PayHere configuration settings, go to 'Manage Existing Gateways' tab & find PayHere section
  5. Enter your Merchant ID (You can find it on the Settings > PayHere Plugins section of your PayHere account)
  6. Enter your Merchant Secret (You can find it on the Settings > PayHere Plugins section of your PayHere account)
  7. Do not tick the checkbox to 'Enable Sandbox Mode' (Tick it only if you're testing your integration with a PayHere Sandbox Account)
  8. Select the 'Subscription Charging Options' you need to offer for your customers.
    • One-time (Pay with PayHere) - Customer can Pay via any payment method. However the next payments of the subscription will have to be paid manually by the customer at the end of each billing cycle.
    • Recurring (Subscribe with PayHere) - Customer can Subscribe via Visa or MasterCard, so the future recurring payments will be automatically charged at the end of each billing cycle.
    • Both options - Customer can select whether to Pay or Subscribe.
  9. Click Save Changes

That's it. Now you are ready to accept payments from your WHMCS website.

Plugin for WHMCS - PayHere Knowledge Base

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Last updated on 26th Mar 2019