Onsite Checkout

What is Onsite Checkout?
  • Onsite Checkout is a seamless payment experience offered by PayHere to increase your conversions & minimize your customer drop-offs during the payment.
  • When you offer Onsite Checkout to your customers, they can pay you within your website, without getting redirected to PayHere Payment Gateway website to make the payment
What is a conversion?
  • When a customer who visits your website ends up making a payment to you, that is considered as a conversion.
What is a customer drop-off?
  • When a customer who visits your website ends up leaving your website without making a payment, that is a customer drop-off.
Why do customers drop-off?
  • Customers may drop-off due to various reasons such as, not being convinced with your offering, your website not look legitimate, your Online payment experience is too complex, your website redirects the customer to other sites or the customers may feel unsafe.
How does Onsite Checkout increase conversions & minimize drop-offs?
  • Customers always seek convenience & security in Online payments. If the customer is getting redirected from your site to another site when they're going to make you a payment, it can be confusing to your customers which can result in higher customer drop-offs
  • Since Onsite Checkout allows your customers to pay you within your website, customers will feel more secure without any confusion which will reduce the customer drop-offs & ultimately increase conversions.
How do I enable the Onsite Checkout experience for my customers?
What are the prerequisites in my website to use Onsite Checkout?
  • Your website should be securely accessible via HTTPS. Install a SSL certificate to your website to fulfill that prerequisite.
Is Onsite Checkout secure?
  • Yes, indeed. Even though Onsite Checkout appears as within your website, the payment credentials are actually captured securely inside an iframe loaded in your website, directly served by PCI DSS certified secure backends. Therefore, security is not compromised at all when using Onsite Checkout.
Why should I offer Onsite Checkout?
  • Onsite Checkout is an improved payment experience for your customers which will increase your conversions. You can offer convenience, consistency, simplicity & security together with Onsite Checkout to reduce your drop-offs & boost conversions.
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Last updated on 5th May 2022