Plugin for Prestashop

Integrating PayHere with your PrestaShop website is super easy with our PayHere Payment Plugin for PrestaShop. You just have to download it from following link, upload it to your server & configure it with your Merchant Account details to start accepting online payments via PayHere.

PrestaShop Settings

  1. Download the PayHere Plugin for PrestaShop directly from here
  2. Upload the files to PrestaShop directory of your server
  3. Sign in to your PrestaShop admin
  4. Go to Modules and Services & select Payments and Gateways from the Module category list
  5. Find PayHere from the list & click Install
  6. If a pop-up appears with a notice, click Proceed with the Installation
  7. After the installation click Configure
  8. Enter your Merchant ID. (It’s on the Account approval mail sent by PayHere or at Account > Business section of your PayHere Merchant Portal)
  9. Enter your Secret Key. (Must be the same value you set at PayHere Merchant portal)
  10. Select No under Sandbox Mode. (Select Yes if you need to test your integration with a PayHere Sandbox Account.)
  11. Save your changes.

PayHere Settings

  1. Sign in to your PayHere account
  2. Click the Account tab and then Edit link on Business section
  3. Enter your Secret Key (Must be the same value entered in your PrestaShop admin)
  4. Do not enter a Return URL as it’ll be handled by PrestaShop
  5. Click Save Config
Plugin for PrestaShop - PayHere Knowledge Base
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Last updated on 25th Aug 2022