Sandbox & Testing

What is PayHere Sandbox?
  • Sandbox is a test environment to get used to PayHere Merchant Portal & test the integrations with your site. It’s a separate clone of the Live PayHere platform so you can experience how exactly the Live platform would look like before you apply for a Live account.
Are the payments actually processed in Sandbox?
  • No. None of the payments are actually processed in Sandbox environment. They are simulated to look like processed to perform the integration testing.
How to enable Sandbox Mode in PayHere shopping cart plugins?
  • Go to your Shopping Cart admin area & find the settings of the PayHere Payment Plugin. Tick the checkbox in front of ‘Enable Sandbox Mode’.
How to test a payment on Sandbox Mode?
  • You can use following test card numbers to test simulated successful payments.

    • Visa : 4916217501611292
    • MasterCard : 5307732125531191
    • AMEX : 346781005510225
  • For ‘Name on Card’, ‘CVV’ & ‘Expiry date’ you can enter any valid data.

  • Any card except the above test cards will result in a failed payment.

  • Please use the following test card numbers to test specific decline secenarios.

    Insufficient Funds:

    • Visa : 4024007194349121
    • MasterCard : 5459051433777487
    • AMEX : 370787711978928

    Limt Exceeded:

    • Visa : 4929119799365646
    • MasterCard : 5491182243178283
    • AMEX : 340701811823469

    Do Not Honor:

    • Visa : 4929768900837248
    • MasterCard : 5388172137367973
    • AMEX : 374664175202812

    Network Error:

    • Visa : 4024007120869333
    • MasterCard : 5237980565185003
    • AMEX : 373433500205887
Can we convert our Sandbox Account to a Live Merchant Account?
  • Not at all. Sandbox is a completely separate deployment. So you cannot do any conversions or use any details you entered in Sandbox account for your Live account.
We’re done with Sandbox testing. What’s next?
  • Great! Now you can apply for a Live PayHere Merchant Account here.
Sandbox & Testing - PayHere Knowledge Base
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Last updated on 29th Mar 2024