PayHere Links

PayHere Links is an Innovative way to accept payments directly from your facebook page, website or even simply through an Email sent to your customer via a PayHere Payment Link. Specially if you run your business mainly through your facebook page, PayHere Links is the ideal solution for you.

You can not-only accept the payments, but also can accept the orders online with PayHere Links as PayHere collects your customer details, delivery address & preferred item details on behalf of you. That means it simply automates your order accepting process as well. You just have to add your items to PayHere Merchant Portal & process the automated orders you receive via PayHere Links.

PayHere Links can also be used to accept payments via Emails. If you send Invoices to your product or service customers via Emails, you can include a PayHere Link also in that Emails for your customer to make the payment for your Invoice just by a click of a link.

It’s just 3 simple steps.

  1. Add your items into your PayHere Account

These steps are quite straightforward & simple to follow. But to clarify you in detail, here are the specific detailed steps you need to follow to fulfill the above steps.

1. Adding your Items to PayHere Account
  1. Login to your PayHere Account
  2. Go to Items tab
  3. Fill the ‘Add Item’ form in the left
  4. Click ‘Add Item’ button, You can see now your item is added

Refer Managing your items for more details.

  1. Find your Item from Item list
  2. Click on the ‘Copy Link’ column of your item
  3. Select the URL below ‘PayHere Link’
  4. Press Ctrl + C or Edit > Copy to copy the link

  1. Go to your item’s facebook post, web page or Email
  2. Type some instruction on payment such as “Pay with PayHere: “
  3. Paste the copied PayHere Link in front of that instruction

That’s it. Now your customers can simply click on this link & pay you easily.

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Last updated on 20th Aug 2016