Managing your Items

PayHere enables you to sell your items directly via PayHere without having a website or shopping cart platform. You can add your product or service items to your PayHere Merchant Portal & generate PayHere Links for each item to sell them online.

Adding your Items

Adding your items to PayHere is so simple. Just go to the Items tab of your Merchant portal & find the Add Item form in the left side. Enter a name, unit price & the available stock of your item.

Here are the specific steps to add items:

  1. Login to your PayHere Account
  2. Go to Items tab
  3. Fill the ‘Add Item’ form in the left
    • Item Name - Give a descriptive name to the item, but not so long
    • Unit Price - Enter the unit price of the Item
    • Available Stock - Enter how much stock is available from this item. If you produce more later, you can update this later. So initially enter the actual stock you have. If you have unlimited stock (for example when selling digital goods), do not need to fill this field.
  4. Click ‘Add Item’ button

Listed Items

When you add items, your items will be listed in the Items tab of your Merchant portal. There you can see how many items have been sold from each item & how much stock is left. You also can change the details & stock availability of the items, add more stock for items or delete items from this list.

Maintaining Stock

The Available stock you entered while adding an item will be decremented per each sale for that item. You can see it decrementing in the ‘Stock’ column of Item listing. At the same time, you can see how many you’ve sold in the ‘Sold’ column of Item listing as it increments per each sale.

When the Stock value comes down to 0, your item will no longer be available to purchase. Customers who visit PayHere Links whose Stock value is 0 will get a error message that the item is out of stock. If you produce more stock of the same item later, you can simply click the Edit icon of that item & add the new stock to Available stock field. Then the Link will be active again & ready to accept new orders.

Stop selling an Item

However if you want to discontinue selling a listed item before its Stock becomes 0, you can simply do it with the Availability switch in front of each item. When you switch it to ‘Out of stock’ mode, it won’t be available to purchase regardless of its available stock value. Any customer who visits such a Link will see an error message that the item is out of stock.

Changing Item details

You can change your item details; it’s name, the unit price & the available stock anytime by clicking the Edit icon at the end of each row of Item listing. However these changes won’t apply for the orders that you’ve already accepted payments for. Any changes you done to the items will be effective from your next sale.

Deleting an Item

If you mistakenly added a wrong item or duplicated items, you have the option to delete an item by clicking the delete icon in front of each item. But if your item already has been sold, you won’t be able to delete it from your Item listing.

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Last updated on 5th May 2022