Recurring Billing (Subscriptions)

What is Recurring Billing?

  • Recurring Billing is a payment technology that allows you to automatically charge your customers a pre-authorized amount on a regular basis at a scheduled billing cycle.
  • Your customer has to make only the first payment manually by entering the card credentials & authorize the recurring billing to be automatically charged thereafter at a scheduled billing cycle (eg. Every month, Every year, etc).
  • After the first manual payment, the payment amount is automatically charged thereafter from the customer's card on the due date of every recurring billing cycle until the end of recurring period or until you cancel the Subscription.

For what I can use Recurring Billing?

  • Recurring Billing can be used if you want to charge the same amount of money from a customer periodically. It may be a monthly subscription for a service you provide or a SaaS product or an annual membership fee for a society or anything.

How can I use Recurring Billing?

You can use recurring billing in any of the following ways.

  1. Create a Subscription Item & share its Link (Refer the next FAQ)
  2. Integrate with PayHere Recurring API in code-level

How can I create a Subscription Item?

  1. Sign in to your PayHere Account & go to the 'Items' page.
  2. Under the 'Add Item' section, enter a name for the Subscription as 'Item' & the 'Amount' you need to charge periodically.
  3. Click 'Advance' to expand advanced options.
  4. As the 'Item Type', select 'Subscription'.
  5. Select the recurrence you need to charge your customer as 'Bill Every'. (eg. To charge monthly, select '1 Month')
  6. Select the duration you need to charge your customer as 'Bill For'. (eg. To charge for 2 years, select '2 Years'. To charge continuously until cancelled by you, select 'Forever'.)
  7. Optionally enter a 'Notify URL' if you want to get a server callback to your website after each automatic charging attempt.
  8. Click 'Generate Link'.

How can I integrate with PayHere Recurring API?

  • You can integrate your website directly with PayHere Recurring API in code-level to programmatically initiate Recurring Billing requests & update your databases upon a server callback after each automated charging attempt.
  • Please share PayHere Recurring API documentation to your developer to work on the integration.

How can I manage my customer Subscriptions?

  • You can manage your Subscriptions on 'Payments' > 'Subscriptions' section of your PayHere account. Subscriptions are created everytime a customer authorizes a Recurring Payment for you. You can monitor the customer details, subscription status & payments charged via a subscription through that section.

How can I cancel a Subscription manually?

  1. Sign in to your PayHere Account & go to 'Payments' tab > 'Subscriptions' section
  2. Search the Subscription by authorized date, customer details or item details & select the Subscription
  3. Click 'Cancel Subscription' button & confirm. (Please note that subscription cancellation cannot be undone & your customer has to authorize the subscription again if you decide to resume the Subscription)

How can I cancel a Subscription through APIs?

  • You can use [Subscription Manager API][9] to cancel preapprovals programatically.

Can I allow my customer to cancel his/her Subscription?

  • Yes, by integrating your website or app with [Subscription Manager API][9], you can give the option to your customer to cancel his/her Subscription through your website or app.

Is Recurring Billing available for all payment methods?

  • No. At the moment Recurring Billing is only available on Visa & MasterCard Payment methods.

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Last updated on 3rd Dec 2019