Payment Limits

What are the payment limits in PayHere?

  • The payment limits depend on the Service Plan you select. There are 3 types of Payment Limits.
    • Per Payment Limit - The maximum amount you can accept in a single payment
    • Monthly Payment Limit - The maximum payment total you can accept within a month
    • No of Payments Limit - The maximum number of payments you can accept within a month

What are the available Service Plans?

  • PayHere has 3 flexible service plans to fulfill different business needs whether it's a startup or a large enterprise.

    1. PayHere GO
    2. PayHere PLUS
    3. PayHere PREMIUM
  • Each plan comes with their own benefits & limits.

PayHere GO

  • The best plan for startups & new businesses to get started.
  • Benefits: No monthly fees. Just a service fee (Rs.30) per payment in addition to the payment processing fee (3.30%). Can be used to accept any number of One-time Payments.
  • Limits: PayHere GO plan can be used to accept payments upto Rs.50,000 per payment & Rs.100,000 per month. When your business grows to exceed these limits, you can upgrade your account to PayHere PLUS.

PayHere PLUS

  • The Most Popular PayHere plan that suits for any up & running business.
  • Benefits: Lower payment processing fees (2.99%) & affordable monthly fee (Rs.2990). Can be used to accept both One-time Payments & Recurring Payments or Subscriptions.
  • Limits: PayHere PLUS plan can be used to accept payments upto Rs.250,000 per payment & Rs.2,000,000 per month. When your business grows to exceed these limits, you can upgrade your account to PayHere PREMIUM.


  • The unlimited plan with advanced features & higher limits.
  • Benefits: Can be used to charge your customers automatically using Automatic Payments in addition to One-time Payments & Recurring Payments. Lowest payment processing fees (2.90%) for a worthy monthly fee (Rs.9990). No monthly payment limit.
  • Limits: PayHere PREMIUM plan can be used to accept unlimited value of payments per month & upto Rs.1,000,000 per payment. Upgrade to PayHere PREMIUM if your business needs to accept unlimited payments or leverage advanced features of PayHere.

Are these limits applicable for existing accounts?

  • Yes, these limits will be effective on existing PayHere account from 1st September 2018.

What happens if we try to accept a payment that exceeds our per payment limit?

  • Your customer will see an Over Limit payment Error in the PayHere Payment Gateway page, when they try to pay you.

What happens when we exceeds our monthly payment limit?

  • When your customer tries to make you a payment that exceeds your monthly payment limit, the customer will see an Over Limit payment Error until the end of your billing cycle.

How can we increase our payment limits?

  • You can increase your payment limits by simply upgrading your Service Plan to a Plan with higher limits.

How to upgrade our Service Plan?

  • You can upgrade the plan by selecting your preferred plan here or from the 'Settings' tab in your PayHere account.
  • If you're upgrading to a plan with a monthly fee, you need subscribe for that plan by paying the first month fee online using a Visa or MasterCard. After that your monthly fee will be automatically charged from your card every month as per the billing cycle.

Can I downgrade my Plan anytime?

  • Yes, you can downgrade your plan anytime in the same way. If you downgrade to a plan that has no monthly fee, your previous subscription will be cancelled & your card wont be charged anymore.

Is there any fee for downgrading my plan?

  • There's no fee for downgrading your plan. But if you downgrade before the end of your billing cycle, the monthly fee charged for your previous plan will not be refunded back partially. Therefore, better to downgrade at the end of a billing cycle before your card gets charged for the next next month.

Eligibility & Limitations - PayHere Knowledge Base

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Last updated on 21st Sep 2018