Retrieval API

PayHere Retrieval API lets you retrieve the details of the Payments processed through your PayHere account. The details include the Payment status (Approved/Declined/Refunded/Chargebacked), Customer information, Amount details including exchange rate & fees, Payment method (Visa/Mastercard/Amex/etc) & masked card number of your payee.

Retrieval API is a RESTful API where you can send a HTTP GET Request to an API end point & retrieve the payment details as the response. The API is secured with OAuth authentication & you need first generate a pair of App ID & App Secret from your PayHere account, derive an Authorization code from them & retrieve an Access Token from the Authorization code in order to consume the Retrieval API.

Please follow the below steps.

1. Create a Business App

  1. Sign in to your PayHere account & go to Settings > Business Apps section
  2. Click 'Create App' button & enter an app name & comma seperated domains to whilelist
  3. Tick the permission 'Payment Retrieval API'
  4. Click 'Add Business App' button to create the app
  5. Once the app is created click 'View Credential' button in front of the created app
  6. Copy the 'App ID' & 'App Secret' values

2. Generate an Authorization code

  1. Go to a Base64 encoding site such as
  2. Paste the App ID & App Secret you copied from Step 1 above, separated by a colon (:) mark. eg. 4OVx33RVOPg4DzdZUzq4A94D2:8n4VCj25MXp4JLDFyvsE9h4a8qgbPaZUI4JEWK4FCvop
  3. Click 'Encode' button & copy the base64 encoded value. This is your Authorization code.

3. Retrieve an Access Token

If you don't already have a valid Access Token, you can retrieve one by consuming following API end point.

Request URL
Sandbox -
Live    -
Authorization: Basic <Authorization_code>

eg. Authorization: Basic NE9WeDMzUlZPUGc0RHpkWlV6cTRBOTREMjo4bjRWQ2oyNU1YcDRKTERGeXZzRTloNGE4cWdiUGFaVUk0SkVXSzRGQ3ZvcA==

grant_type: client_credentials

The response for the above request will looks like following.

    "access_token": "cb5c47fd-741c-489a-b69e-fd73155ca34e",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    "expires_in": 599,
    "scope": "SANDBOX"

Retrieve the access_token from the above response.

4. Retrieve Payment details

Consume the Retrieval API with a valid access_token to retrieve details of a particular payment. Use the order_id you passed to the Checkout API or Charging API.

(Please note that in Live environment, this API can be consumed only from the allowed domains you white-listed when creating the Business App in Step 1. If you want to consume this from a Mobile App, write an intermediate API on your domain to initiate the retrieval request & integrate it with your Mobile App instead of integrating directly with the Retrieval API.)

Request URL
Sandbox -
Live    -
Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
Content-Type: application/json

eg. Authorization: Bearer cb5c47fd-741c-489a-b69e-fd73155ca34e

GET Parameters

order_id - The order_id you passed to the Checkout API when processing the payment


The response for the above request will looks like following.

    "status": 1,
    "msg": "Payments with order_id:LP8006126139_2019-12-06",
    "data": [
            "payment_id": 320025071278,
            "order_id": "LP8006126139",
            "date": "2020-01-16 16:21:02",
            "description": "Policy No. LP8006126139 - Outstanding Payment",
            "status": "RECEIVED",
            "currency": "LKR",
            "amount": 50,
            "customer": {
                "fist_name": "Saman",
                "last_name": "Perera",
                "email": "",
                "phone": "+94771234567",
                "delivery_details": {
                    "address": "N0.1, Galle Road",
                    "city": "Colombo",
                    "country": "Sri Lanka"
            "amount_detail": {
                "currency": "LKR",
                "gross": 500,
                "fee": 14.50,
                "net": 485.50,
                "exchange_rate": 1,
                "exchange_from": "LKR",
                "exchange_to": "LKR"
            "payment_method": {
                "method": "VISA",
                "card_customer_name": "S Perera",
                "card_no": "************1234"
            "items": null

The status of above response reflects whether the payment as been approved or declined.

Payment Status Codes

  • 2 - approved
  • -1 - canceled
  • -2 - declined

Please note that;

  • You need to follow Steps 1 & 2 only one time to generate an Authorization code for your app
  • You need to follow Step 3 & retrieve a new Access Token only if your current Access Token is expired
  • If you already have a valid Access Token, you can retieve payment details using the same Access Token by following just the Step 4

5. Error Handling

Error messages may returned for above API end point due to the following reasons. You need to identify & handle them properly in your application.

Invalid Access Token

    "error": "invalid_token",
    "error_description": "Invalid access token: e291493a-99a5-4177-9c8b-e8cd18ee9f85"

Access Token Expired

    "error": "invalid_token",
    "error_description": "Access token expired: cb5c47fd-741c-489a-b69e-fd73155ca34e"

Invalid Order ID

    "status": -1,
    "msg": "No payments found",
    "data": null

Invalid API Authorization (eg. Consuming through a not allowed domain, ect.)

    "status": -2,
    "msg": "Authentication error",
    "data": null

Retrieval API - PayHere Knowledge Base

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Last updated on 23rd Jan 2020